Director, Extension and Development Services


The duties and responsibilities of the extension services office, are as follows:

      1. Plan, supervise, coordinate, monitor and evaluate all extension services in line with the University agenda;
      2. Upgrade the technical capabilities of extension and other development workers;
      3. Maintain effective linkages with government and non-government agencies for successful extension activities/programs, particularly forging a Memorandum of Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding (MOA/MOU);
      4. Coordinate consultancy services (Walk- in or on-call) following existing University policies; and
      5. Perform other tasks assigned by the University President.

Extension Services Council

All extension proposals are subject to evaluation by the Extension Services Council (ESC) headed by the VP-REas chair, the Director of OES, Director of Research Services, University Budget Officer as members.

The ESC is tasked to:

      1. Formulate policies related to the conduct of in-house review and other related services;
      2. Evaluate proposals (In-house review) and recommend approval for institutional or external funding.
      3. Ensure the relevance of the extension program to research, instruction, and production.

Director for Extension Services

Manages all extension services of the university, to wit;

      1. Coordinates all extension services of the various colleges of the university, including external campuses;
      2. Publishes notice for the submission of extension proposals and schedule for in-house review;
      3. Identifies technical experts and convenes the members of the ESC for In-house review;
      4. Facilitates allocation of funds to the different colleges in coordination with the university budget officer.
      5. Maintains effective linkages/partnership with government and private organizations carrying on extension-type activities;
      6. Disseminates information on the extension services of the university through the office of publication;
      7. Prepares and submits report to the Vice President for Research and Extension or University President on matters related to extension services;
      8. Submits monthly/annual report and plan of activities to the office of Vice President for Research and Extension;
      9. Makes a periodic monitoring and evaluation of extension problems affecting technology and rural communities particularly those in the service areas; and
      10. Performs such other functions as may be assigned by the Vice President for Research and Extension, or the University President.

College Extension Coordinator

1. Initiates regular extension planning sessions for the college/campus;

1.1 Calls for the submission of project proposals from the area chairs based on the thrusts and priorities of the program;
1.2 Consolidates project proposals submitted by the area chairs;
1.3 Presents the mother proposal to the college faculty for deliberation to avoid overlapping of activities, and assigns persons who will be involved in the activities including students’ participation.

2. Submits reports of all on-going and/or completed extension activities to the OES;
3. Leads in the implementation of approved extension activities of the college;
4. Conducts periodic monitoring and evaluation of the activities implemented by the college; and
5. Manages community outreach services and activities either in-campus or community-based.

Training Specialist

1. Designs appropriate learning activities based on well-defined rationale for clientele;
2. Specifies the set of learning activities and training practices consistent with the VMGO;
3. Assists in the facilitation and execution of all extension training plans;
4. Performs other related tasks assigned from time to time.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

1. Develops an Extension Project Monitoring and Evaluation System.
2. Oversees the implementation of the program’s monitoring and evaluation activities and data reporting requirements.
3. Serves as the liaison and point of contact with external evaluation contractors throughout the life of the project.

Media Extension Specialist

1. Conceptualizes and creates, visually engaging publications, webpages, flyers, pamphlets, layouts and graphics.
2. Oversees the printing process for program publication, including acquiring cost estimates and providing publication design components.
3. Disseminates information to potential stakeholders on the different programs, projects and activities of the university.
4. Manages program updates on the website.


1. Assists in the conduct of applied researches, clientele in preparing plan and budget and assist in the implementation of the projects/activities.
2. Identifies and assists in the development of extension programs of the different colleges and potential stakeholders.
3. Coordinates with local and national agency representatives in the implementation of extension programs and projects in the locality.
4. Submits monthly and periodic reports and perform related other functions.

Administrative Aide

1. Performs a variety of skilled clerical tasks
2. Prepares routine office works, correspondence, endorsements, reports and memoranda and type the same for review of her immediate supervisor
3. Compiles circular, memoranda orders, rules and regulations and other papers and/or documents for reference and does other related activities as may be assigned from time to time.
4. Organizes and stores paperwork, documents and computer-based information.

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