Vice President for Administrative Affairs/Chief Administrative Officer - OIC     

 The Vice President for Administration is the chief executive officer to the administrative department and the official link of the administration staff and staff of other departments. He shall be primarily responsible for the fiscal and administrative services of the College.

  • He shall assist the University President in formulating and implementing the policies of the department;
  • He shall supervise the preparation of the consolidated budget of the University;

  • He shall recommend to the University President the allocation of funds for administrative operations and maintenance of the University;

  • He shall see to it that actual expenditures are in accordance with the authorized appropriations or allotments. This function refers to the exercise of budgetary control to insure that the expenditures of the University are within the limits of the appropriations authorized;

  • He shall direct the processing of papers involving personnel and the technical preparation of the plantilla;

  • He shall direct the keeping of books of accounts and the preparation of financial reports;

  • He shall, within the limits of delegated authority, approve requisitions, vouchers, payrolls, payments or disbursements of funds; countersign checks; approve travel requests, leaves, and similar papers;

  • He shall supervise collection, disbursements, and safekeeping of fees and other income of the University;

  • He shall direct the procurement, receipt, and allocation of equipment, supplies and materials, and buildings, equipment and facilities;

  • He shall provide ways and means for the effective business management of auxiliary enterprises such as staff houses and dormitories, cafeteria, service and production jobs and such other income-generating activities;

  • He shall regulate private enterprises operating in campus;

  • He shall coordinate with the different units and departments;

  • He shall perform other functions as the University President may delegate.


Contact Information:

Telephone No.: (055)2094-717

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