Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Assist the College President in the Institute on general supervision over all academic functions of the Institute.
  • Assist the College President in the execution and implementation of policies, rules and regulations promulgated and prescribed by the Board of Trustees as maybe necessary to carry out the academic purpose and functions of the institute;

  • Assist the College President in the formulation of appropriate policies governing the academic functions of the Institute; and

  • Exercise other powers and functions as may be delegated to him by the College President or as it may deem appropriate so as to expedite the administration of the academic affairs of the Institute.
  • Acts as Vice Chairperson of the Academic Council of the University;
  • Recommends policies and/or revisions of academic programs;

  • Coordinates curriculum development in all levels in the different colleges through the University Academic Council;

  • Review all proposed policies and programs/projects for internal development particularly those affecting instruction;

  • Review/analyze reports on status of faculty workload;

  • Provides leadership in planning and in budgetary estimates and allocations for all academic units and recommends realignment, if necessary;

  • Assesses all evaluations made by the Student Services as well as those of the different College Deans;

  • Act as chairman for the Faculty Selection Board (FSB)for academic positions/personnel;

  • Act as Officer-in-Charge of the University when so designated by the University President; and

  • Perform other duties related to his/her position and/or as delegated by the President from time to time.

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

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