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1. Assists top administration in the formulation and enforcement of policies on admissions, enrolment, accreditation, graduation, and other related academic matters.

2. Plans, supervises, and is responsible for:

a) Admission and selective retention of students.
b) Compliance of admission and academic requirements.
c) Registration/Enrolment of students.
d) Enforcement of government and college regulations on academic scholarships, scholastic delinquency, transferees, accreditation, student loading, subject sequence, cross-enrolment, graduation, graduation with academic awards, changing/adding/dropping of subjects, and other related matters.
e) Evaluation of scholastic records/credits for purposes of accreditation of transfer units, determination of curricular level, scholastic standing, promotion, graduation, etc.
f) Commencement/Graduation exercises and all other relevant activities.
g) Selection of academic awards.
h) Custody, security, integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.
i) Management, accounting, control, maintenance, accuracy, classification, reconstruction, and issuance/release of students’ academic records.
j) Dissemination of information on the curricular offerings, admission requirements, academic policies and regulations, and CHED issuances.
k) Orientation of students on academic policies, rules and regulations.
l) Information on statistical data of enrolment, graduates, dropped-outs, etc.
m) Preparation of memoranda on enrolment and on office concerns.
n) Publication of Academic Calendar, Bulletin of Information, Catalogue, etc.
o) Registrar’s personnel training and development.

3. Signs Transcript of Records, certifications, and other related documents.

4. Resolves questions on academic policies and regulations, and student records.

5. Performs curricular consultation with the colleges and the students.

6. Assists in the making and revision of curricula, Code, Faculty Manual and Student Handbook.

7. Maintains linkages with other Registrars in connection with student records and Registrar’s concerns.

8. Sets a standard operating procedure for the Office of the University Registrar.

9. Designs process flow chart of office functions.

10. Periodically review, evaluate, and improve present systems and procedures.

a) Assigns, supervises, checks and reviews work of Registrar’s personnel.
b) Evaluates performance of Registrar’s personnel.
c) Designs and revises forms needed for Registrar’s Office use and transactions.
d) Oversees the proper use, maintenance, control, and safekeeping of property and office equipment.
e) Maintains record of production income.
f) Request the needed office equipment and supplies.
g) Creates the Development Plan of the Office.
h) Submits Annual Accomplishment Report to the President.
i) Serves as the contact person of the College with the CHED and the BI.
j) Attends to transactions with government offices and agencies regarding matters related to the functions of the office.

B. REGISTRAR II & I (Assistant Registrars)

1. Organize and administer records, progression and graduation eligibility of all students within the school’s systems; report on trends, students of concern and other areas as needed.
2. Liaise with the College Counselling Office and be responsible for meeting transcript collection and production deadlines.
3. Collect previous school transcripts and evaluate to meet University admission standards.
4. Collect, maintain and report student records (i.e., grades, registration data, transcripts, mid-term verification, athletic eligibility, academic probation) and associated audits.
5. Prepare GPA data and identify Honor Roll, High Honors and Academic Probation student categories per semester.
6. Aid in the maintenance of the school database.
7. Manage data including accurate records of graduates and entry/exit information.
8. Manage daily office email traffic, course changes and student/faculty inquiries.
9. Collaborate with all administrators, faculty, IT staff, and clinical staff to facilitate and improve services to students.
10. Provide evaluation data for various departments and develop enhanced systems for transcript production.
11. Participate in professional development activities and serve on school committees that support the goals and objectives of the division of the school.
12. Provide back-up for records and registration services, including registering students, issuing transcripts, answering phones, scanning, reporting grades and working special events.



A. In-Charge of Enrolment/Registration

a) Manage a standard, efficient, fast and systematic registration and enrolment procedure.
b) Prepares admission and enrolment paraphernalia.
c) Coordinates admission and enrolment of new students.
d) Reviews, checks, and verifies authenticity of submitted credentials of new students.
e) Arranges and files credentials of new students
f) Issues Certificate of Registration
g) Maintains logbooks for recording of issuances of CORs.
h) Processes adding, dropping, withdrawal and completion of INC’s.

B. In-Charge of Request and Release of Documents

a) Attends to requests for F-137A, Official Transcript of Records, Certifications, Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials, CAV and other requested documents
b) Attends to scheduled releases of requested documents.
c) Release of requested documents.
d) Maintains logbooks for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases.

C. Priority Lane & Public Assistance

a) Attends to clients with special needs, elderly, pregnant and PWDs.
b) Attends to clients query and complaints.
c) Attends to, prepares and generates prompt compliance and release of requested academic records such as Transcript of records, Certifications, Transfer Credentials and other information.
d) Maintains logbooks for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases.

D. In-Charge of Request and Release of NSTP Records

a) Attends to requests for NSTP Serial number.
b) Forwards requests to other Institutions for the NSTP Serial Number.
c) Prepares and submit the reports on enrolment and graduation for the NSTP Programs.
d) Attends to scheduled releases of requested documents.
e) Maintains logbooks for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases.


A. Evaluator

a) Prepares individual student records (worksheet of consolidated grades.
b) Posts grades and updates regularly student records (for manual system) and informs the students of their course/subject deficiency if there’s any.
c) Evaluates students’ subjects and credits earned in other school as to curricular level, scholastic standing, graduation, etc. Reconstructs lost or missing records or files.
d) Serves as specialist and consultant of the course they are in-charge with and advises the student on curricular program, enrolment, subject load and sequence.
e) Makes follow-up requests for records of new students in previous institutions.
f) Prepares, checks, verifies, and signs Transcript of Records and Certifications
g) Manages, accounts, controls, and maintains students’ records.
h) Assists in graduation activities.
i) Secures integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.

B. In-charge of Data Processing/Production

a) Generates prompt compliance of requested academic records such as Official Transcript of Records, Certifications, Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials, CAV and other requested documents.
b) Encodes personal data, subject codes and course of new students.
c) Prepares and generates enrolment lists, list of academic scholars, list of candidates for graduation, list of candidates for graduation with academic awards and all needed statistical data.
d) Encodes correction of grades and completion of grades as requested by concerned faculty and approved by the Registrar.
e) Generates worksheet of consolidated grades, transcript of records and certifications.
f) Assists in the accomplishment of various survey forms.


A. Record Custodian

a) Maintains an accurate and up-to-date filing system so that records can be located quickly.
b) Inspects and records all coming and out envelopes for irregularities.
c) Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all academic records.
d) Enforces the retention schedule and deal with archiving, storage and creation of reports for disposition of obsolete records.

B. Filing & Retrieval of Documents

a) Classifies, arranges, files and stores inactive and graduated students’ records and files.
b) Keeps a daily record of all incoming and outgoing records.
c) Keeps and stores records immediately and very carefully.
d) Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students’ records.

C. Scanning & Archiving

a) Scans Academic Records of every student and other documents.
b) Maintain soft copy of all documents in the registrar office.
c) Uploads scanned copies of academic documents to the UIS for archiving purposes.
d) Maintains logbooks for recording of scanned academic records and their physical locations.

D. Records Disposition & Retention

a) Identify records for retention and for disposal.
b) Maintains logbooks for recording of records for retention and for disposal.
c) Checks the retention periods of all records and ensures that the minimum period for which the sentenced records must be maintained.
d) Submits required reports pertaining to National Archives Compliances (NAP)
e) Forwards records for disposal to the University Records Office.

E. Records Maintenance and Control

a) Ensures that all documents are free from termite or other pest infestation.
b) Monitors the conditions of the files, envelopes in the filing cabinets.
c) Replace worn out or damaged envelops.
d) Keeps a backup copy of all scanned documents.
e) Secures the backup copy from loss and damages.

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