Duties and Functions:


    • Examines students for the purpose of prevention and detection of disorders.

    • Delivers expert opinions and medical counseling.

    • Conducts activities on the prevention of work-related hazards, maintenance and promoting the performance at the student’s work place.

    • Conducts Health education.

    • Provides first aid measures and information.

    • Disseminates health related information to faculty, staff and students.

    • Keeps record on the documentation and statistics of the patients and clientele.

    • Submits Annual report.


    • Coordinates and supervises the health services of the institute.

    • Formulates and conducts plans out programs of activities for the health center.

    • Schedules and conducts periodic physical inspection of students and keeps records of findings.

    • Refers cases of injury or illness to the physician.

    • Treats minor ailment and gives first aid treatment for burns, wounds and others in the clinic.

    • Checks on the proper sanitation of the school and academic community.

    • Provides advice and guidance to students on health matters and sanitation.

    • Train first-aid teachers; students.

    • Assists physician in their clinic work.

    • Acts as resource person or consultant on health matters.

    • Prepares and submits periodic, annual and other required reports.

    • Does other related work.


    • Performs oral examination and clinic treatment.

    • Performs tooth extraction.

    • Performs oral prophylaxis.

    • Performs tooth restoration of carious tooth.

    • Conducts dental educational and chair-side dental instruction.

    • Requests dental materials and medicines.

    • Records and update patient’s records.

    • Attends to referred patient for medical.

    • Submits reports.

    • Sterilizes dental instruments.

    • Supervises the dental aide.

    • Does other related works.


Telephone number: (063)(055)2093 - 640