CoM logo

   The logo is circular with the leaves and with the words “COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT” occupying the half top of the oblate. The acronym “NwSSU” is located at the lower portion of the oblate between the two laurel wreaths. Half of the inner circle is the globe in gray as background. The lower half of the center is a man in blue professional attire and the other half is in green in an outreached hand position/posture toward the upper half containing the globe. The right side is colored blue while the left side is green. Within the outreached arm is the Hindu Arabic 2015, signifying the year when the college was established.

Color Meaning

Gray - signifies the transition from the present and the future
Blue - signifies the management specialization; loyalty and integrity
Green - signifies the hospitality specialization; growth and self –reliance
Gold - signifies the thrust for triumph, achievement and success
White - signifies purity of intention, wholeness and completion

Figure Meaning

Circle - signifies the continuing and holistic thrust of education
Globe - signifies the market for the graduates of the college
Man - signifies the student of the college.
Wreath - signifies the pursuit of excellence


To produce quality and competitive professionals who can cater the needs of the local, national,

asia-pacific and global job market through advancing its programs in business, management,

administration, marketing and business process outsourcing and hospitality industry.

COM - News & Updates

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

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