­June 1, 2019 – The regional higher education quality team is back at NWSSU to review its graduate and undergraduate Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) for the last two years running.   

Programs of the two NWSSU campuses submitted for COPC were mostly compliant in the five identified areas, namely, program administration, faculty, curriculum, library, and laboratory and equipment, according to the CHED 8 Regional Quality Assurance Team (RQAT) during the visit on May 30.  

At the afternoon exit conference, the RQAT team observed that most programs have qualified faculty up to the college dean; CHED-noted curriculums; sufficient laboratories and library holdings, among others.

The evaluation results were made after the team checked and evaluated various COPC documents, and visited for ocular inspections the different laboratories and equipment of identified programs around the campus during the entire morning.

CHED 8 CEPS Soccoro Ramos lays down the procedures of the RQAT visit. (Photo: REEA/PREA)

The team also visited and reviewed documents of the Student Affairs Services (SAS) Office which is under Academic Divisions, and Gender and Development (GAD) Office, as part of the RQAT visit. However, GAD was evaluated only on May 31.   

The team, however, reminded NWSSU to wait for the official result to properly comply with the COPC and other requirements.

Led by Dr. George Colorado, CHED 8 regional director, the RQAT were composed of Chief Education Program Specialist (CEPS) Soccoro Ramos; Supervising Education Program Specialist (SEPS) Gabino Petilos; Education Supervisors (ES) Catherine Iglesias, Nelly Labraon, Maria Myla Javier, Leo Camposano, Cedric Suyom, Erlita Penero; and Education Program Specialist (EDS) Narciso Cardiza.

Faculty, program chairs, college deans, and university academic key officials headed by NWSSU president Dr. Benjamin L. Pecayo from both campuses attended and facilitated the event.

Last year, the CHED RQAT also did a three-day COPC evaluations in the Main and San Jorge Campuses from August 7–9, 2018. CHED 8 usually conducts a scheduled or surprised visit every year in the different higher education institutions (HEIs) in the region, including NWSSU, to check for compliance. |PREA

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